This Little Song - Catslappin

This Little Song

Catslappin' Chrissy

(Ch. Verrijt - M. van den Bosch - M. van Nimwegen, CATSLAPPIN' RECORDS, 2004)

When I was a little teenage boy
Unexperienced in love
It was for this pretty gal I fell
I could not stop thinkin' of
But I had no clue what I could do
It was more than I could stand
So I walked to her out of the blue
And I grabbed her by the hand

Let me sing this little song for you
Let me sing this song of love
It's the only thing that I can do
To say: It's you I'm thinkin' of
Let me sing this little song for you
Let me sing it one more time
I can think of no one else but you
My lonely heart ain't worth a dime


When I walked along the street one day
I ran into a handsome gal
I said: Please, young lady, if I may
I'll be as honoust as I can
From the moment I set eyes on you
It was clear as it could be
I won't let you go cause my love is true
Will you please please stay with me



When I look into my baby's eyes
When we kiss and say good night
Every time she makes me feel so nice
Takes my hand and holds it tight
She's got everything that I could seek
How I love to have her near
Than I softly kiss her on the cheek
And I whisper in her ear


Courtesy of Charles Verrijt

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