Tiger Twist - Teddy & The Tigers

Tiger Twist

Teddy & The Tigers

(Guitar - Smooth, Rockhouse, 1978)

Well, my lady is a twister, she's a corkscrew mover
A lady tornado, a ballroom groover
You could travel for miles, believe me sister
Before you see a mover like my little twister

Well, she says Teddy-Teddy-Teddy do the tiger twist
Teddy-Teddy-Teddy, well it goes like this
You don't know all the fun you miss
Till the day you do the tiger twist

My baby's got an action like an old steam hammer
She drills through the floor as she goes bama-lama
You ain't seen nothing, believe me mister
You ain't seen a mover like my little twister


So, she came to my table with her engines running
Sayin', Teddy let's twist, feel the heatwave coming
I got to my feet and then I kissed her
'Cause I'm so crazy for my little twister

[Chorus 2x]

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