Tomorrow's Taking My Baby Away

Jerry Lee Lewis

(William E. Taylor - LaVerne Taylor, MERCURY, 1974)

When the sun comes up tomorrow
God, how I'll be wishing
I could raise my hand an' turn back the light of dawn
I found the airline ticket
She'd been hiding in the kitchen
Tomorrow at eleven
She'll be on that plane and gone

Well, it never crossed my mind
That she'd found another lover
She still gave me her young body
In her warm and simple way
Got that old gut burnin' feelin'
God, I'll be dyin' while she's leaving
And I know now that tomorrow's takin', baby away

Well, sleeping here beside me
I could almost swear she loved me
But a faint trace of a smile
It comes across her lovely daze
Wish I could look inside her mind
But God, I'm so afraid I'd find her
Dreaming of the man who'll take my place

She must-a be meeting him in his room
That's her ticket destination
But it's just a stop along the way
While she's living her new life so swell
I'll be walkin' the back streets of hell
'Cause I know now that tomorrow's taken baby away

'Cause I know now that tomorrow's taken, baby away

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