Too Wet To Plow - Bob Center

Too Wet To Plow

Bob Center

(Bob Center, Not Originally Issued)

While I was gone it came to me
That you were steppin' high
A friend of mine said he saw you
Out with some other guy
It made me so, I just don't know
But I'll tell you right now
If I find it out for sure
It's gonna be too wet to plow

I took your from the cotton patch
And brought you into town
I dressed you up in school ball clothes
And showed you all around
Now everything I start to do
You try to tell me how
If you don't keep your big mouth shut
It's gonna be too wet to plow

You went down town the other day
I guess I made you sore
Judging from this pile of junk
You must have bought the store
You had 'em send the bill to me
It sobered you right now
You just do that one more time
It's gonna be too wet to plow

Since you learned these city ways
You think that you're so tough
But gal I done made up my mind
I'm gonna call your bluff
I bought myself a long snake whip
I'm warnin' you right now
If you don't start to tow the line
It's gonna be too wet to plow

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