Ugly George - Melvin Smith

Ugly George

Melvin Smith

(Smith, SMASH 1775, 1962)

One, two, one, two, three
Oh, ugly George (ugly George)
Ugly George (ugly George)
Oh, ugly ugly ugly ugly George (ugly George)
Oh, ugly George (ugly George)
I said, ugly George (ugly George)
Oh, ugly ugly ugly ugly George (ugly George)

It started one day in the music room
George started playin' a rockin' tune
Girls started screamin' all over the school
Yeah listen to George, they think he's cool


George got a voice like a nightingale
And the girls all dig him every way
He got a face that looks like a porcupine
But the girls all say that they don't mind


He gets more dates than a movie star
Riding around in his raggedly car
I'm scared to leave my girl alone
Because George will have my girl and gone


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