Up Above Our Heads - The Flying Saucers

Up Above Our Heads

The Flying Saucers

(Sandy Ford, EMI, 1981)

Up above our heads they fly
Just like two butterflies
Gene and Eddie have both gone
But their memories still live on
Eddie, he was Gene's best friend
Right up untill the end
Gene was there by his side
When Eddie Cochran died
Hey Eddie, we sure miss you down my way
Since you took those three steps to heaven
And Eddie, even if I say it myself
You were sure fine lookin' man, you were something else
Gene was left with a great scar
Black leather rebel, rock and roll star
He carried on in vain
His heart, his soul, his leg in pain
Right here on earth we still love you Gene
An' I know they're gonna love you up there in heaven too
When you sing Be-bop-a-lula, Say mama, Baby blue
Say baby thatt s mine too
Gene he was a great star
My number one by far
But he now lives in the sky
Over the rainbow where bluebirds fly
He's gone to join with his best friend
To rock together once again
Singin' songs that brought them fame
Gene Vincent and Eddie Cochran are their names

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