Up Jumped The Devil - Ronnie Dawson With The Tin Stars

Up Jumped The Devil

Ronnie Dawson With The Tin Stars

(Ronnie Dawson - James Barnaby Koumis, NO HIT 45-101)

Well, I saw you sneakin' around my neighborhood
I can tell by lookin' you're just no good
Stale ole fangs and long black hair
When you're walkin' on by make a blind man stare
When you're comin' to my house my pig just squeals
Walk into my room my wallpaper peels
Up jumped the devil when you come around
Soon as you leave, he go back in the ground

Devil killed my pig and I spit in his eye
He was havin' my milk and my cow went dry
My hens won't lay and my ducks won't quack
Since you brought the devil 'round my chicken shack
Oh, you and the devil make a terrible pair
Make me jump out my long underwear
The devil was laughin' about the game he played
Set the place on fire, put it out with a spade

Also recorded by Trash Hombres

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