Walkin' Through The Storm

Black Raven

(Z. Tudja, HOUSE OF WAX, 2001)

Well it's a cold and rainy night,
And there's a pain deep inside
Walking through a lonely road
Oh the wind hits me so cold

Oh what a night
Oh what a night
This lovely pretty girl
She treats me right

Well she left me and broke my heart
And I thought we'll never part
Now I'm alone with all this pain
And my tears are mixed with rain

Walking through the storm just thinking 'bout you
Memories hurt and the lonelyness, too
Come on baby please give me a sign
Forgive me honey what I've done

White lightning 'cross the sky
And I'm wondering why I cry
You are still there in my head
My body moves but it's dead

Courtesy of Julian Wiethoff

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