Warrior Sam - Don Willis

Warrior Sam

Don Willis

(Don Willis, SATELLITE 101, 1960)

Warrior Sam was a heap big indian
Warrior Sam was a mighty man
Warrior Sam fought forty-five battles
With his tomahawk to his hand
Warrior Sam, Warrior Sam
But he had to have a woman
Fairest in the land

Well, he's given up his fightin'
Since the treaty had been signed
He is goin' to find a woman
That will treat him nice and kind
Warrior Sam, Warrior Sam
But the drums of love weren't drummin'
And his love he'll never find

Well, he started on his journey
And the time passed by real slow
Till he came upon a town
That they called Saint Angelo
Warrior Sam, Warrior Sam
And he started drinkin' firewater
To show them "heap big man he am"

Well, he drank and drank and drank
Till his head start spinning 'round
And he took three awkward steps
And fell, face on the ground
Warrior Sam, Warrior Sam
But he'll never get that woman
'Cause he is lying face down
Warrior Sam, Warrior Sam
Warrior Sam, Warrior Sam

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