The Way We Used To Be - Breathless

The Way We Used To Be


(Manos Wild, GREECE,2008)

The way you always held me tight, the way you were kissin' goodnight
That time, when you were mine
The love, the laughter and the fun, the walks in moonlight and in sand
Your smile, made life worthwhile

And then somehow the sudden came, you changed to me
You changed your ways and who's to blame, I wonder if you see
How can we be The Way We Used To Be
How can we stop this doggone misery

The way you treated me so sweet, the promises we couldn't keep
Those days, those lovin' ways
The breathless charms you offered me, when in your arms I used to be,
Just how, we came to now ?

How did we get to this last point of our affair,
To tell me words so bad my love I can't even spell
Can't we be The Way We Used To Be?
Can't we bring back the past for you 'n' me?

Is it too late for us to do start over again?
I know you're hurt but I'm hurt too, if you try to understand
I want you back in my arms again
I need you back in my arms like then

It's in sane, to want you so, when deep inside I know
It's hard you see, for us to be
The way,-the very way- We Used To Be -e-e-e-e-e-e-e !

Courtesy of Manos Wild

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