The Boogie Disease - Doctor Ross

The Boogie Disease

Doctor Ross

(Dr. Isiah Ross, SUN 212, 1954)

Ah-ah, I'll tell you how it feels, yes-yes
All right, the other day I was layin' down
And I got some kinds of disease
And they call it the boogie disease
Well, I'm a boog'in' for the nurse
And the doctor too
Ain't gonna stop boog'in' till they take me in
I'm gonna boogie, gonna boogie all night long
All right, somebody send a doctor over here
Yeah, oow, I got the boogie disease
That's what I got, it's sad-sad feelin'
The doctor said I'm gonna get well
I'm gonna get better
Well, some peoples told me, I looks all right
But I know how I feel
I got to boogie all night, I got the boogie
I got the boogie, boogie disease
All right, send a doctor over here
Oh, now doctor me doctor
'Cause I want you to boogie right along with me
Even if I does got the boog'in' disease
I'm gonna boogie for the nurse
And the peoples too
I'm gonna boogie for the doctor
No hearse come at me
I'm gonna boogie
Gonna boogie, with the boogie disease
Oh, boogie one time
I won't get well no how
Hey, oh doctor give me a penicillin shot
That's what I need
'Cause I got the boogie disease

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