What To Do! - Breathless

What To Do!


(Manos Wild, GREECE,2008)

Well... You knock me out! With your sweet smile!
You turn me crazy, mad and wild
You burn me up, you burn me thru, you crack me up, hot, red and blue
Little girl I say, I don't know What To Do!

I see you comin'! From a far!
Your look! I'm shook! Hooked on a star
You're dazzlin' me with all you do, or can't you see I'm mad at you
So tell me someone people What To Do!

I tell you that I want you little girl
I beg you make me a part of your world
It's sure for me, I'm lovin' you, just misery dear without you
So tell me that you long me like I do! Or What To Do!

Each night I see! You in my sleep!
Each day I pray and play to keep
The key up for your lovin' heart, I just don't know where from to start
So love me like I do or What To Do!

So love me like I do or What To Do!
So love me like I do or What To Do!
So love me like I do or What To Doooooooooo!!!!!!!!

Courtesy of Manos Wild

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