Who Was That Cat - Go Cat Go!

Who Was That Cat

Go Cat Go!

(D. Spears, Vinylux V0001, 1994)

I had a rockabilly party just the other night
I was boppin' with my friends and gettin' right
I had a dreamy-like chick on the living room floor
Then all of a sudden he came and knocked on the door

Well, who was that cat, that went 'n' called the law
Well he won't think it's so damn funny
After I go 'n' break his jaw
Well, he's gonna find it kinda hard to eat
After I knock out his two front teeth
Who was that cat, that went 'n' called the law

Well, I was racin' this fella down route 29
He double-shift the clutch and left me far behind
I was just about to catch him at the turn up ahead
Then all of a sudden the lights started flashin' red

I was parked with my baby down in lover's lane
Huggin' and a-squeezin' playin' kissin' games
I looked in the mirror man and what do you know
This cop walked up and said 'boy, you gotta go!'

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