Wild Cruisin Cat - The Kentucky Boys

Wild Cruisin Cat

The Kentucky Boys

(M. Störk - P. Brohammer, Part Records, 1996)

Well a tank full of gas and a chick in the back
Cruisin down the highway with my dusty Cadillac
Suckin to much beer taste a lot of wine
Tell me pretty baby what you gonna do tonight

Well I'm a wild cruisin cat yea yea yea
Well I'm a wild cruisin cat yea yea yea
Well I'm a wild wild cruisin cat
I wasn't born to walk the line

Some people call me crazy
And others call me lazy
I've got no home
My lady's gone
And everyone's left me alone

I believe in Rockabilly
And I love old rockin' sound
I don't wanna waist my time
With just hanging around

Well I'm always on the road
Forever on the run
But baby that's much better
Than livin' without fun

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