Wildcat - Gene Vincent & The Blue Caps


Gene Vincent & The Blue Caps

(A. Schroeder - W. Gold, Capitol 4313,1959)

Don't ever try to tame a wildcat
You'd just be wasting your tine
Just leave me like you found me
Don't put no cage around me, oh-no, not me
You want a lamb, but I'm a wildcat
If you just keep that in mind
I'll let you hug and pet me
And then you gotta let me go free, let me be
You're crazy, little kitten
But you just don't understand
Well don't you chain me, or try to train me
And you'll have me eating out of your hand
So don't forget that I'm a wildcat
And we'll just get along fine
The wildcat's what they name me
No kitten's gonna tame me, oh-no, not me
(Move over tiger!)

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