William - Janis Martin


Janis Martin

(Scott, rec. 1958)

William-William-will you walk me home tonight
William-William-will you will you hold me tight
Will you love me William, love me long and true
There's no one in the whole wide world who can love like you do
Oh William-William, will you be mine
If you want lovin', tonight's the time
Just kiss me baby, you make me thrill
Oh William-William, just say you will

Will you William will you take me by the hand
Keep me William won't you, under your command
William-William-will you walk me through the park
You're so brave and I'm so scared, it's so dark
Oh William-William don't wait too long
My heart's too weak, my love's too strong
Oh William-William come on let's go
'Cause you know baby, I love you so

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