Worn Out Beetle Crushers - Black Knights

Worn Out Beetle Crushers

Black Knights

(T. Gahn, BOOZE, 1998)

My neighbour Ed has been a Ted since 1955
He lived the kind of life
That you're suprised he's still alive
He was around when Cliff was found
And became his number one
You still can see him Saturday nights
When he's out to do the town

In worn out beetle crushers
And a frowsy grey drape coat
He rides his '56 Trophy
With a wide open throttle
In worn out beetle crushers
And a frowsy grey drape coat
With hair slicked back
He keeps the track
That old rockin' billy goat

He wears his drain pipe trousers
And he's smoking big cigars
He's proud to say he has seen
All the fifties stars
When Gene and Eddie got on stage
Ed got really wild
But he didn't get upset
When Jerry Lee kissed his bride


Ed's a blast from the past
Still up to date today
He fights them bloody smoothies
And he hates them slimy gays
He's goin' out on pub-crawls
Where the bands are playin' loud
He is as wild as never before
Although he's sixty-five


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