The Worryin

The Worryin' Kind

Tommy Sands

(Lampert - Turner, CAPITOL 4082, 1958)

Well I've gotten me a baby
With a pair of rovin' eyes
But since I found her I'm the worryin' kind
When she's out on a date
She's always flirting with the guys
Makes me so jealous, I'm the worryin' kind
Now, if you ever see my baby
Say, I know you'll understand
Just why I say that I'm the worryin' kind
All the guys are all around her
Can't you see she in demand
I guess you see why I'm the worryin' kind
I date her once, twice
And I get to thinking, she's nice
When we get to kissin', mmm, gee
Just think what I been missin'
Now that I found her, goin' out of my mind
You know I worry 'bout my baby
Know that she's been runnin' 'round
Don't wanna show her, I'm the worryin' kind
I wants to find a way, a way
That I can finally tame her down
Then I no longer be the worryin' kind

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