Bop For Your Life - The Spunyboys

Bop For Your Life

The Spunyboys

(, Album "Rockabilly Legacy", 2013)

Once again I wanna quote my hero
Another truth from a great rockin' trio
No doctor, no pills could save you my friend
The rock therapy could make you stand

You danced with the devil, you didn't fall
Followin' a dream, you got one goal
Nobody could stand in your way for sure
The rockabilly gigs were the real good cure
The only way...

You bop for your life [bop for life]
Bop, bop for your life [bop for life]
Everybody's crying but you
You bop for your life [bop for life]

Since day one, you started a struggle
Got ready to the frightening rumble
You're still jiving when your body's trembling
You're still singing when your speech got rambling

Solid as a rock, you never gave up
Got better, then your dad called you up
Got a Memphis trip for a good recovery
Got nothin' else but the good ol'rockabilly
The only way...


Verse 1


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