Bop Stop - Catslappin

Bop Stop

Catslappin' Chrissy

(M. van Nimwegen - M. van den Bosch - Ch. Verrijt, CATSLAPPIN' RECORDS, 2004)

Don't let the bop (Don't let the bop)
Don't let the bop (Don't let the bop)
Don't let the bop stop... 'till I say so.
Don't let the bop stop 'till I say so.
Play it real fast or take it slow, but
Don't let the bop stop... 'till I say so.

Go swingin' on the dancefloor,
Keep movin' all around.
Start yellin' when the band stops,
Shout for more and do it loud.
If they still try to leave the place,
Grab there arms and don't let go.
And make 'm understand that they,
Can only stop if you say so.


Go drivin' in your cruise mobile,
Turn up the road and hit the gass.
Keep trav'lin' for a million miles,
Never mind your hair's a mess.
And if the cops will try to stop you,
Just shout to let them know.
You're sorry they can't stop your car,
It only stops if you say so.



Make lovin' to your baby,
Just take him by the hand.
And guide him to the second floor,
Be as tender as you can.
But once you get inside your room,
Tear off his ragged clothes.
Make sure he keeps you satisfied
And only stops if you say so.


Courtesy of Charles Verrijt

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