You're Gonna Have To Bawl, That's All

Ray Parks

(T. Collins, CAPITOL 3580, 1956)

Now you come around with tears in your eyes
Sweet words on your lips where there used to be lies
Baby, you got nerves to lean on me when you fall
Don't give me your troubles, I can't help you mama
You're gonna have to bawl, that's all

Now, there was a time I kissed away your tears
I petted you mama, whispered in your ears
And I'd be around to answer you when you called
But a mean-mean mama made a mean-mean daddy
You're gonna have to bawl, that's all

You say, how can you stand to see me cry this way
I'm still mad at you mama, 'cause you went away
It's too late for pitty and I can't help you now at all
You should've thought of this sooner, ow I can't help you baby
You're gonna have to bawl, that's all

If you see me walkin' down the avenue
With someone else who took the place of you
I'm not gonna stop and hold your hand while you squall
I'll be goin' uptown to show her around
You're gonna have to bawl, that's all

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