You're Gonna Reap What You Saw

Ray Strong

(Ray Strong, ROCKET 45-754, 1959)

You took my heart dear, and you broke it in two
You made me lonely, then you made me blue
You made me lonely, when you told me to go
But one of these days, you're gonna reap what you saw

Now baby look around you, at the damage you've done
You'll find me hidin' out, while you're havin' your fun
But baby I tell you, there's one thing I know
As sure as you're born, you're gonna reap what you saw

As Lordy will bring, right back at you
You're gonna be lonely, you're gonna be blue
You're gonna wind up dear, with no place to go
As sure as you're livin', you're gonna reap what you saw

Someone's gonna feed you, from the very same bowl
You're gonna be singin' a different tune
You're gonna be travelling, a very hard road
As sure as the stars shine, you're gonna reap what you saw

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