You're The Nearest Thing To Heaven

Johnny Cash

(J. Cash - H. Johnson - C. Atkins, SUN 302, 1958)

I have sailed the peaceful waters
Of the ocean, deep and blue
I held my breath and watched
The western sunset's golden view
I've flown above the mountain peaks
And valleys wide and green
But you're the nearest thing to heaven
That I've seen

You're the nearest thing to heaven, yes you are
I have searched for happiness so long and far
But my search for love was through
The day that I found you
'Cause you're the nearest thing to heaven, yes you are

I confess that I've been tempted
By a-luring magic charms
When a smile was flashed my way
And stood before two open arms
But I turned and walked away, because
I love you like I do
You're the nearest thing to heaven, darling you


I have watched the silver raindrops
Fall to earth to cool the day
Watched the rainbow at twilight
When the clouds had blown away
I love the pretty flowers
But they cannot buy their worth
But you're the nearest thing to heaven on this earth

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