Boppin' In Roswell

The Barnshakers

(Vesa Haaja, GOOFIN RECORDS GRCD 6118)

They fly, up in the sky, and land in the desert sand
They've heard down here on earth, a beat of a rocking band
Three-headed cat with a face all flat
Is shakin' his feet and tail
The one-eyed bombshell, landed in Roswell
And they jump and jive and they wail

They do the bop-bop-bop in Roswell
You can see 'em all rockin you can hear 'em all yell
Bop-bop-bop in Roswell
3-2-1, they're havin' a fun

Green face, from outer space, is swinging with a style just right
Hair style, may be too wild, but they're boppin' in a speed of light
Eyes bugged out, you can hear 'em all shout:
"earth boy, would you get out of my way,
We've come from the stars, way beyond mars
And we're here in Roswell to stay"


Oh boy, what a fun, what a joy, has filled the creatures from space
Pretty soon, the man from the moon, will also join the place
They holler and hoop to the rock and roll group
They're spelled with a beat divine
They're landed on earth and the trip's been worth
As they roll in a cloud number nine



Courtesy of Vesa Haaja

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