Born To Boogie - Carl Perkins

Born To Boogie

Carl Perkins

(Elgin - Fuller, MUSIC MILL 1007, 1976)

I was born in a shack in West Tennessee
I picked that cotton down upon my knees
The sun got hotter each and every day
But me and my brothers kept a-pickin' away
Seemed like the sun would never go down
So we could clap our hands and gather around
And do the boogie (boogie)
Yeah, I learned the rhythm (boogie woogie rhythm)
And it wasn't very long
Till I was doin' the boogie woogie rhythm

Well, I prayed all week for Saturday night
Turn my back on the sun and put the sack out of sight
Take the long dusty road into town
My feet kept the rhythm as I walked the hot ground
But nothing could keep me from my favourite spot
Where the chicks were a-waitin' and the music was hot
Born to boogie (boogie)
Lord, I got the rhythm (boogie woogie rhythm)
And it wasn't very long
Till I done the boogie woogie rhythm
(Like this I did the boogie)

Well, Monday morning was always bad
But it was worth it all for the time I had
Lord oh Lordy, how I wish it would rain
Just the sun have mercy on a country boy's pain
But I make believe everything's all right
Gonna do it again come Saturday night
I do the boogie (boogie)
Yeah-yeah, with lots of rhythm (boogie woogie rhythm)
Lord, I learned to move by doin' that boogie woogie rhythm

Born to boogie, yeah
Born to boogie, yeah, full of rhythm
Born to boogie, yeah, one more time

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