Brand New Man - Darrel Higham

Brand New Man

Darrel Higham

( D. Higham, Nervous, 1995)

Well, it's a hot summers night, there's pure moonlight
And I'm feeling like a brand new man
I wanna jump in my car and drive off far
Tryin' to find the promised land
I've fallen in love with the stars above
I never noticed so much before
There ain't no more stress and I must confess
I've found the key to my mind's locked door

Well now the man in the sky, he looked me in the eye
He said your life's to precious to waste
He said don't put me to the test and I'll do the rest
Start your new life over with haste
And it's a great relief to hear a message so brief
That can turn your life right round
No more bloodshot eyes and tellin' bad lies
And tryin' to drink all whisky in town

I feel a cool breeze, it's a-whistlin' thru the trees
And the mountain river's flowing so blue
I see the birds in the sky I don't know why
That my feelings ever changed for you
I didn't treat you well, it must have been hel
Now I'm changing my ways for good
And if push comes to shove I 'll give the stars above
I'd turn the clock back if I could

My heart's like a cup and it's being filled up
With emotions that I never knew
I know it sounds strange this miraculous change
But it wasn't really hard to do
So I'll forgive you for thinking that I've been drinking
I'll prove it all to you if I can
As the river still flows neat the moons silver glow
I'm feeling like brand new man

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