Cat Talk - Lew Williams

Cat Talk

Lew Williams

(Williams, Imperial 5394, 1956)

One - two - three - four
Used to stand on the corner in a big zoot suit
Whistle at the gals, that's how you do it
Well it's different now, just ain't the same now
They holler, man, check that fine brown frame
It's cat talk (cat talk), yeah cat talk (cat talk)
Well it's movin' around a-goin' from town to town
Now music sends 'em, it's real groovy
Their lovin' pit is the drive-in movie
I go fast music, I can't stand it slow
Hep and holler, well go cat go!
It's cat talk (cat talk), yeah cat talk (cat talk)
Well I'm a-tellin' you dad, it's the best we've ever had

They got a-eyes for this, they got a-ears for that
They're a-hep on this and they really dig that
Crazy man crazy, when a cat sings a song
He's out of this world, man, he's real gone
It's cat talk (cat talk), yeah cat talk (cat talk)
Well it's a movin' around, baby, it will get you down

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