The Catman - Robert Gordon & The Wildcats

The Catman

Robert Gordon & The Wildcats

(Gordon - Turner - Lampert, RCA, 1979)

Hey man, I can hear you
And it's not a radio
Your voice still echoes through me
I can hear you dady-o
(Rock, rock, rockabilly rebel)

Well, cruisin' down bopstreet in a pink thunderbird
Be-bop-a-lula was the Catman's work
He had a teenage partner, she was seventeen
Rockabilly rebel, Gene, Gene, Gene
Well, crazy legs jumping to a brand new beat
The're the cats and the kittens of ol' bopstreet
His double talking baby called him turtle dove
Pretty pretty baby gave him woman love
(Rock, rock, rockabilly rebel)

He sang five feet of lovin', wear my ring
Lotta lotta ]ovin', sing Gene sing
He was a jumpin' Jackson, go man go
Be bi bickey bi go bo go

Gonna back up baby, blue jean bop
Be-bop-a-lula, you couldn't stop
Racing with the devil, you were born to do
Gene, Gene Vincent, I sure miss you

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