Chicken Shack - Leroy Van Dyke

Chicken Shack

Leroy Van Dyke

(A. Milburn - A. Cullum, DOT DLP 3693, 1957)

Well, hello cats, I just got back
And I'm a-looking for that place they call the Chicken Shack
It's fine as wine and it's really on the ball
There's no windows, no door, they're just a hole in the wall

Well, it's sort of located down by the creek
Where you can get a whole gob of those good things to eat
All good parts of the chicken are a cent
And you can even throw the bones back over the fence

Now, there's a place where the light's comin' through the wall
So everybody be careful and let's all have a ball
Want all of you cats to be sharp on the tack
'Cause the party's gonna start down at the Chicken Shack

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