Cool It Baby - Eddie Fontaine

Cool It Baby

Eddie Fontaine

(Lionel Newman - Carroll Coates, Decca 30042, 1956)

I wanna kiss, I wanna cling
But baby there is time and place for every thing
So please, please cool it baby
Show the gang you ain't no square
Cool it baby we don't want those cats to stare
Cooly do it baby, make like a polar bear

There is Sam with Sue, Ben with Gus
They all got their snoopy-doopy eyes on us
So cool it baby, oh you know I need you so
Cool it baby, take it easy, take it slow
Cooly do it baby, make like an Eskimo

I love your eyes, I love your lips
They taste even better then potato chips
Cool it baby, quit your goofin'
Please, baby please
Cool it baby if you wanna hug and squeeze
Cooly do it baby, make like a crazy breeze

I love to swing, I love to bop
But do you have to go and blow your pretty top
Oh no-no, cool it baby
Hold your fire and count to ten
Cool it baby, dig me chick and I'll tell you when
Cooly do it baby, just play it cool and then
We'll blow our tops when we're all alone again!

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