Crusaders - Boppin


Boppin' Pete & The Big Bang

(Pete Näsman - Johnny Flight, THE FOOL MUSIC, 2002)

Crusaders Under the iron sky
At the banks of Sand Creek
The morning air was bleak
The Indian camp asleep
Volunteer cavalry is soon
Ready to share faith, hope and charity
Gifts of western civilization

Hush a bye baby Don't be afraid, flowers will fade
There is light and shade
Life is like a firefly dancing in the dark
Never reaching the giddy heights as a skylark
Any day is good day to die
There is no reason to cry, just say bye-bye
To the blessings of civilization
To their armed goodwill missions
To the flower of nations
Western civilization

Rock a bye baby
We shall come here again
As the wind on the plain
Kingdoms and nations as days pass
Like a shadow flashing across the grass
Now the sand runs out from my glass
Nonsense general education
A heavenly host of salvation
The flower of nations
Western civilization

Nightmare No way to escape
The Washita valley Cheyenne blind alley
The Indian camp asleep
Custer's seventh cavalry
Ready to kill women, kids and dogs
Dogs and ponys, ponys and ladies
Foes of western civilization

Courtesy of Boppin' Pete

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