Dear Dad - Chuck Berry

Dear Dad

Chuck Berry

(Chuck Berry, CHESS 1926, 1965)

Hey dad, don't get mad, what I'm asking for
Is by the next semester, can I get another car
This one here is sickening on a wide new road
I might as well be walking as to drive this old Ford
Almost everytime I tried to go and pass a truck
I find going down hill that I'm out of luck
And even if I get by, still a rugged risk
The way this old Ford keep a hittin' and a miss

Last week when I was driving on my way to school
I almost got a ticket 'bout a freeway traffic rule
It's now a violation drivin' under forty-five
And if I push to fifty, this here Ford will nosedive
Dad, I'm in great danger, out here tryin' to drive
The way this Ford wiggles when I'm approaching forty-five
I'll have to nurse it long like a little stuffened pup
The cars racing by me dad, looks like I'm backin' up

It just don't have the appetite for gas somehow
And dad, I got four carburetors hooked up on it now
I tried to hook another, see if it do a little good
But ain't no place to put it, unless I perforate the hood
So dad, send the money, see what I can see
Try to find a Cadillac, a sixty-two or three
Just something that won't worry us to keep it on the road
Sincerely, your beloved son, Henry Jr. Ford

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