Doggin' Around

Jackie Wilson

(Unknown, Brunswick 55166, 1960)

You'd better stop, yeah, doooogin' around
If you don't stop, yeah, I'm gonna put you down
Cause I can't take it, much longer, my heart's getting weak
It's not getting any stronger, you keep me so upset
My head's in a roll, but if you wanna be my girl
You'd better stop, yeah, doooogin' around
Cause if you don't stop, I, yeah, am gonna put you down

Ah, you know ya go out nights, to have yourself a ball
Sometimes you don't, you don't make it home at all
I don't mind you havin' yourself a real good time
But now, what you're tryin' to do
Is tryin' to make me lose my mind
Better stop, yeah, dooooogin' me around
If you don't stop, I'm gonna put you down
Yes, put you down

I don't wanna do it but I'll have to put you down...

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