Doin' The Hully Gully

Jewel Akens & Eddie Daniels

(Daniels, SILVER 1004, 1960)

Way down in the country where the cotton really grows
Lives a little country boy with rhythm in his soul
He learned the hully gully and he learned it fine
He had the cottonpickin' women just a-standin' in a line
Doin' the hully gully, that's what they say, everyday
In the water near the beach where the people love to go
Lived a man-eatin' shark name of Nagatoyo
He saw the people hully gully left to right
He swam back to the ocean 'cause he lost his appetite
They did the hully gully, that's what they say, everyday

Way out in the desert where the hazard wind blows
Lived a cross-eyed camel with prickles on his nose
he learned the hully gully, learned to shake it fine
He had a hot pack of camels just a los in' their mind
Doin' the hully gully, that's what they say, everyday
Everyday, yep-yep, everyday

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