Don't Love Me

The Chevtones

(Dean Lloyd, )

Well I love you baby, don't you understand
And I love you baby, like no other man
But you don't love me, no you don't love me
Well I give you all my lovin
But you still still don't love me.
Well I give you all my money and I drive you around
But when it comes to lovin you cant be found
Cause you don't love me,no you don't love me
I give you all my lovin
But you still still don't love me
I been looking in cars and searching the bars,
Where can my baby be?
She knows im in love with her
But she don't love me.
I tried everyway to get her to call
But I carry on just being a fool
And you don't love me etc

Repeat 2nd verse then mid 8 then last verse
Then "I give you all my lovin" 3x till end

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