Don't You Just Know It

Huey 'piano' Smith & The Clowns

(Smith, ACE 545, 1958)

I can't lose with the stuff I use (don't you just know it)
Baby don't believe I wear two left shoes (don't you just know it)

Ah-ha-ha-ha (ah-ha-ha-ha)
Hey-eh-oh (hey-eh-oh)
Gooba-gooba-gooba-gooba (gooba-gooba-gooba-gooba)
Ah-ha-ha-ha (ah-ha-ha-ha)
Ah-ha-ha-ha (ah-ha-ha-ha)
Hey-eh-oh (hey-eh-oh)

Hey pretty baby can we go strollin' (don't you just know it)
You got me rockin' when I oughta be rollin' (don't you just know it)

Baby-baby you're my blue heaven (don't you just know it)
You got me pushin' when I oughta be shovin' (don't you just know it)

Higher the mountain, cooler the breeze (don't you just know it)
Younger the couple the tighter they squeeze (don't you just know it)

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