Duck! - Catslappin


Catslappin' Chrissy

(Martijn van Nimwegen, CATSLAPPIN' RECORDS, 2007)

Well, if you see something comin' towards your head
You gotta duck (Duck!) Yeah yeah
You gotta duck (Duck!) Yeah yeah
Well if you wanna miss, 'cause it ain't a kiss
You gotta duck.

Havin a party the other night
Everything seemed just to turn out right
Booze enough and the boys looked fine
I was kissin' one who wasn't mine
His girl came in, turned on the light
Really looked like she wanted to fight

So if you see something coming...

The weather is great, there's a lotta sun
Picked up a cuty to have a little fun
Sharin' a drink with this handsome man
It's getting' so hot we turn on the fan
Slowly starts turnin', round it goes
It's hanging to low so soon it shows

Thai if you see something...

Things g wrong when the boy I date
Is showing up but a little too late
Tellin' he loves me, callin' me miss
Says all he wants to say is in his kiss
But when he tries to, I smell his breath
Like a tiny little bird, but already dead

So if you see something coming...

If you wanna miss that smelly kiss you gotta duck!

Courtesy of Charles Verrijt

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