The Electrified Donkey - Johnny Horton

The Electrified Donkey

Johnny Horton

(Ferlin Husky, COLUMBIA 63742, 1959)

Well, I bought me a donkey, about four foot tall
To plough my cotton in the early fall
He's runnin' around, it was an awful sin
I had to build a fence to keep my donkey in

I rigged up the wire with a battery charge
To keep my donkey from a-running at large
Inside this bin I turned him loose
Thrilled by volts of electrified juice

Which way did my donkey go
If you see him let me know
I haven't seen my donkey since
He backed into that electrified fence

Now, the first time he backed up against it
He threw back his ears and he had a fit
He brayed real loud and he hit high gear
He jumped up into tyhe stratosphere

I just got word from Albuquerque
A donkey up there was looking for work
He's my donkey and his name is Jack
Oh, how I wish he'd come on back

Now, more word came from Palamar
A man up there was a-watching the star
While looking through his telescope
He nearly had himself a stroke

He saw something riding up the rainbow trail
Two long ears and a puckered up tail
This thing he saw when he 'firmed the states
Was a donkey heading for the pearly gates

Hee-haw (hee-haw)
Hee-haw (hee-haw)

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