Endless Love - Jackie Lee Cochran

Endless Love

Jackie Lee Cochran

(R. Hafner - K.C. Reeth, SPRY 120-45, 1958)

Endless, oh our love is endless
And our love will always be
So sacred to you and me
Love you, oh you know I love you
And always in love with you
I'll forever be

Tonight darling
As I hold you so close to me
I know that our love will never die
But it will grow even stronger
As time passes by
Yes, and many years from now
I will still hold you tight
And we will remember
With all our love
This night, it's this night
The night that we were wed

Oh want you, oh you know I want you
And I hope and pray that you
Will ever more want me too
Need you, oh I'll always need you
And stronger my need will be
For eternity

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