Fat Man From New Orleans - Matt Lucas

Fat Man From New Orleans

Matt Lucas

(Matt Lucas - Bob Halley, RONJEN RECORDS 070827)

Ooh, when we were young
Remember how we'd thrill
To a Fat Man from New Orleans
Singing Blueberry Hill
He played with such a beat
You just had to move your feet
To the Fat Man from New Orleans
Way down on Bourbon Street

They called it rock 'n' roll
But it was rhythm and the blues
It climbed in through your soul
And it came out through your shoes
He played with a creole style
That really drove you wild
Ooh, the Fat Man
Ooh, the Fat Man from New Orleans

You went away and left a long time ago
Ain't that ashame the way the four winds blow
My blue heaven became a valley of tears
If I had the wings of an angel
You know that I'd join you my dear

So now when I'm lonely
And I'm feeling so sad
I put on his old records
And I don't feel so bad
He takes me back in time again
Precious memories fill my mind again
With the Fat Man
Ooh, the Fat Man from New Orleans

Oh baby, when the saint's go marching in
I'm gonna be with you again
All thanks to those precious memories
Of the Fat Man
The Fat Man from New Orleans
I miss you so much darling

Courtesy of Matt Lucas

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