The Fifties - Jerry Lee Lewis

The Fifties

Jerry Lee Lewis

(Jerry Foster - Bill Rice, SMASH, 1976)

Put on your high heel sneakers and your blue suede shoes
Honey, say hello to miss Peggy Sue
I'm gonna show you what we used to do in the fifties

Roll it over Beethoven, make room for Fats
Oh wee baby, I likes it like that
Oh, Jerry Lee's gonna take you back to the fifties

Whole lotta shakin' goin' on
New York City down to San Antone
Rockin' fifties are back again
And just as strong as they were then

Hello Maybellene, honey is that you
You're looking just as good as new
C'mon little baby, you know what to do from the fifties
(Give it to me now)

(Take it son)

We got a whole lotta shakin' goin' on
New York City down to San Antone
The rockin' fifties are back again
And they're just as good as they were then

Hound dog shakin' on Blueberry Hill
Silhouettes of a night lighted still
Jerry Lee that's where he found his thrill
It's in the fifties

(Shake it baby shake it)
One more time!
(Shake it baby shake it)

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