Flat Feet - Sammy Masters

Flat Feet

Sammy Masters

(Masters, FOUR STAR 1697, 1956)

Hey flat feet!

I got flat feet, I just can't rock
I got flat feet, I just can't roll
I got flat feet, I can't rock 'n' roll
To save my doggone soul

Yesterday morning I was feelin' kinda blue
So I beat it down town and bought some two-tone shoes
I started steppin' high like those uptown cats
But I couldn't catch a girl, because my feet's too flat

I saved all my money, I bought myself a car
A second handed Thunderbird from a movie star
I got a lotta this, I got a lotta that
But I can't catch a girl, because my feet's too flat

I went to the malt-shop, I grabbed myself a stool
A hittin' off a little chick a-playin' it cool
I dropped a nickel in, I played a cool of my Fats
But I couldn't do a step, because my feet's too flat

I thought if I took lessons, I'd have a fair chance
So I beat it down to Murray's just to learn how to dance
I didn't learn a thing, in fact I caught the blues
Because somebody trumped upon my two-tone shoes

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