Four O

Four O'clock Baby

Darrell Rhodes

(Darrell Rhodes - Slim Willet, WINSTON 1026-45, 1958)

Four o'clock baby, why don't you drive me mad
Yeah, four o'clock baby, I want you to drive me mad
You're the best strollin' partner this camel walker's ever had
Well, baby-baby, please-please treat me right
Yeah, four o'clock baby, please-please treat me right
Well, forget that school house and stroll with me tonight
Oh well, I tried to love you baby, do the things you wanna do
Things are really rockin' best from midnight till two
You said you really want me, four o'clock come
Always gotta leave while I can still see the sun
Yeah, baby-baby treat me right
Well, baby-baby, please-please be mine tonight
'Cause I could never love you in the broad-broad daylight

Well, four o'clock baby, please-please drive me mad
Don't ever leave me, drive me screamin' mad
Oh well, screamin', screamin', insane, ravin' mad
Oh, four o'clock baby, please-please treat me right
I wanna go crazy, screamin' mad tonight
Well, forget that school house and stroll till broad daylight

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