Gangwar - Gene Maltais


Gene Maltais

(Maltais - Hilder, LILAC 3159)

Splash of rain and thunder, man they're gonna fight
Them Sharks have done them under and man that just ain't right
Now they got jackets of black leather
They got pipes and hard nail boots
They even got polish to shine up their boots
They gonna rumble, they gonna roar
They gonna start up a storm and it's gangwar

The night was getting darker, the moon began to fade
It was only the beginning that started this rampage
They gonna rumble, they gonna roar
They're gonna try to even up the score

Now gangwar might have slapt them, it should have never begun
It was just a bunch of trouble that started them on the run
They're gonna cast away their jackets
Throw away the hard nail boots
They're gonnna find a new beginning
There'll be no mud on their boots
Mud on their boots, mud on their boots
The end of this gangwar

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