Get Out - Catslappin

Get Out

Catslappin' Chrissy

(Martijn van Nimwegen, CATSLAPPIN' RECORDS, 2006)

You better get out, and leave this gal alone
You better get out, dont ya call me on the phone
You gotta grab your stuff and get outta here
No longer ruin my atmosphere
Just get out, I don't want you 'round no more

Well you got me workin' day and night
But you never ever care
'bout my feelings when I wanna hold you tight
There ain't a thing you wanna share
You always tell me what to do
But ya never ask me how
I feel about it 'cause there's only you
And you won't care I'll cry


Well you always look at other girls
So you never got the time
To take a look at me instead
Your love ain't worth a dime
The lies you tell are cheap
And oh so childish as can be
This house ain't home for both of us
I'm a gonna make you see




Courtesy of Charles Verrijt

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