Give Back - Black Raven

Give Back

Black Raven

(Julian Wiethoff, HOUSE OF WAX, 2001)

Give me my heart back
Give me my love back
'Cause you, you don't want it

Give me my heart back
Give me my love back
'Cause you, you don't take care of it

Why don't you go downtown
Find somebody new
But let me keep my heart
'Cause somewhere there will be for me
An angel from above

Why did you take it
For you love's just a game
And you've planned that I'll loose it

Now you've got what you wanted
I've lost it like you planned it
And you have won the first price, you've taken my heart

'Cause when you're gone
Maybe I find
A new love, just for me

A love that's sweet and tender
To wich I will surrender
I know that I will find her the day I will be free

Courtesy of Julian Wiethoff

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