Glad To Be A Ted - Lou Cifer & The Hellions

Glad To Be A Ted

Lou Cifer & The Hellions

(, EP 57-001)

The Teds are here for a long time now
You know they were the first
But many styles came after us
The things were gettin' worse
There's too much so called music now
I hate that rapping shit
But we keep ourselves goin'
And I'm so proud of it

Yeah, I live the Ted's live
Dancin' the Ted's jive
And I've got a Ted's knife
Yes, I'm a rockin' dad
Yeah, I live the Ted's live
And my wife's a Ted's wife
And my name is Lou Cifer
And I'm glad to be a Ted

Now, I don't care 'bout what you are
A punk or skin or mod
But I can tell you you've got nothing
Of the things we've got
And as long as you mind your own business
It won't drive me wild
When you're long gone we'll still be here
'Cause rock 'n' roll won't die


If you don't like my rockin' style
Just keep out of my ways
If you want to step on my crepes
You better say your prayers
And if you're gonna mess with me
Don't try it all alone
When I show you what Teds can do
You'll wish you'd never known

[Chorus 2x]
And I'm glad to be a Ted
And I'm glad to be a Ted

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