Goin' Strong

Don Head

(Don Head, DUB INT. #2840, 1958)

I went cruisin' down the highway
Lookin' for some kicks
I pulled into the driveway
Of a place called "Billy Bix"
And man that joint was jumpin'
Things was really goin' strong
With dollies in the doorway
I knew no further I would roam
So I turned of my ignition
Climbed out on the ground
I peeked into the window
Just to take a look around
And man that joint was jumpin'
Things was really goin' strong
A lot of rock 'n' rollin'
The band was playin' loud and strong

Then I entered in the doorway
I looked from side to side
Had me a cutie blast a smile
My heart went runnin' wild
She was a scooty booty
Long and lovely hair fall down
But when we started dancin'
I heard some joker holler out
Well, this bruiser stepped before me
Without another sound
He blacked my eyes, bruised my lips
Sat my corpus down
Man that joint was jumpin'
So I headed for the door
And when I hit the highway
Well brother, I was really goin' strong

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