Going Steady - Faron Young

Going Steady

Faron Young

(Faron Young, CAPITOL, 1952)

Well me and my baby are goin' steady
we ain't married but we're gettin' ready
To tie the knot and I'm gonna make her my own

Now that I've found her I'm gonna keep her
Finders keepers losers weepers
She's my baby, she's goin' steady with me

Well I've been a honky tonkin' round
Nearly all my life
But now I got a steady babe and
I'm gonna make her my wife

All you rovin' ramblers can leave her alone
Don't even try to date her on the phone
Cause she's my baby she's goin' steady with me


Well we'll get the rings and be on our way to see the preacher man
And when you say I do sweetheart I'll slip the ring on your loving hand
Everything's gonna turn out fine I'll be yours and you'll be mine
You're my baby goin' steady with me

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