The Golden Rocket - Gary Dale

The Golden Rocket

Gary Dale

(H. Snow, REC. 1957, RELEASED 1998)

From old Montana down to Alabam
I've been before and I'll travel again
You triflin' baby can't keep a good man down
You dealt the cards but you missed a place
So hit the road and be on your way
Gonna board the Golden Rocket and leave this town

I was a good engine runnin' on time
But honey I'm switchin' to another line
So honey never hang your signal out for me
I'm tired of runnin' on the same old track
Got a one way ticket and I won't be back
And this Golden Rocket's gonna roll my blues away

Hear that lonesome whistle blow
That's your cue and by now you know
That I got another true love waitin' in Tennessee
This midnight special's burnin' the rail
So woman don't try to follow my trail
This Golden Rocket's gonna roll my blues away

Hear that thunder all through the night
This Golden Rocket is a-doin' me right
And the sunny old southland sure is a part of me
Now from your call I'm gonna raise my name
Your fire went out you done lost your flame
This Golden Rocket' gonna roll my blues away

That old conductor he seem to know
You done me wrong I was feelin' low
So shout it aloud across the Dixon line
Oh the breakman started singing a song
Said you're worried now but it won't be long
This Golden Rocket's gonna leave your blues behind
Then the porter yelled with a Southern drawl
"Let's rise and shine, good mornin' y'all"
Sprang to my feet to drink the newborn day
When I kissed my baby at the station door
That whistle blew like never before
On the Golden Rocket that rolled my blues away

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